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Here at Discovery Travel we are not satisfied just to do the "same old things". We believe that travelling and holidays should be remembered forever! That is why we have searched around to bring our customers the best of what is on offer.

Along with our re-makes of the classic "must do" day trips, we also have a few exclusive trips that are not available everywhere. With all of our trips we take only small groups to enhance our customer's enjoyment of the location.


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Plastic Free ToursPlastic Free Tours 

As part of our commitment to premoting sustainable tourism in Khao Lak, we are working hard to remove as much single use plastic from our trips as possible. So far we have already removed single use plastic bottles and food wrappings from all of our trips. We are hoping to do more!

"Be part of the solution, not the polution!" 

Low Impact Tourism

Low Impact Tourism 

On any of our "Joined Trips" we take smaller groups than most other tour operators. Not only does this help to give our trips an exclusive, almost private feel, it also helps to reduce our impact on nature and the beautiful destinations we visit.

"Take only photos, leave only footprints!"

Community Tourism

Support Local People, Encourage Local Skills

Many of the skills that are so important to the lives of local people have been passsed down through the generations. But as the world changes many of these ancient skills are in danger of being forgotten and lost forever. We emply local people and premote the use of traditional skills in our every day operation, to help keep this local wisdom alive. Often we take local children on our trips so they can see their ancestor's skills in action, whilst giving them the oppotunity and confidence to use and practice the English phrases they have learned in school.

"By employing local people, we aim too keep these skills alive for future generations."

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